Outdoor Living Made Simple


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you have a dream of spending more time outdoors this summer on the patio but you live in a condo, apartment or other small space do not worry. You can make that dream come to life with just a few items. Start with measuring the space where you want your patio or outdoor living space. Remember to measure twice and buy once. Next, an indoor/outdoor rug or table and chairs can be utilized to set the style of the space in a colors and material that you love. The fit means the size and style that you want to accomplish. If you just want simple but distinct Adirondack chairs, a rattan table and chairs, wrought iron or metal, it does not matter because it is your style. You can’t go wrong with what you like. According to the size you desire, you can use 2 chairs with a small table between them, or 1 chair and 1 table, or however many Adirondack chairs you desire for your space.

If you like plants, containers can be used to border a rail or to edge the space. Shepard hooks can be used to hang plants if you desire, or hung on a wall in the space. Painted stones or tile can also be used to border the space between plants or to add layers of color in addition to the greenery. If your space does not accommodate a Gazebo or overhang where fabric or curtains can be draped, a simple umbrella that stands in the middle of the table or a free standing umbrella can be used. Your favorite drinks can be served from a gorgeous tray with a distinct pattern on a small table with a pitcher or with fun glasses no matter what the drink is. A favorite drink does not take up much space and no matter the amount of guests you have, they will not be disappointed with the host, beautiful surroundings, or the drinks.