The Ultimate Buy

You might think we’re referring to a house, but we’re referring to the articles in your house.  The special season of rummages, estate sales, and flea markets is upon us. Wonderful treasures can be repurposed as one of a kind treasures. When you can decorate with pieces that have history, it is extremely rewarding to know that your find may have been created for another purpose and it now is being utilized in another way. An armoire can be turned into a bookcase, or a head board can be made into the back of a bench. Old doors can be sanded and painted and then serve as tasteful unique art above a mantle or just eye catching and stunning wall art. Did you know that there are 1100 flea markets in the United States? Over $4 million dollars are made each year at flea markets. Flea markets are so popular in Paris that 180,000 visitors go each week. Consignment shops and thrift stores generate $13 billion a year. The first flea market was in Texas. Brimfield Antiques is the largest in Connecticut with 6000 dealers who sell their wares. There are many opportunities to find treasures, but do not be afraid to haggle over the price, stick to your budget, and take your find home right away. So start hunting and have fun!


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